How do I get a job in growth?

annie-spratt-608002-unsplashTypically, there is no straight path to a job in growth (though that might change in the next few years). However with that said, to succeed in growth you should have

  • Some marketing-chops, but full-funnel thinking will be needed.
  • Comfort with tech (if html or SQL scares you, you may want to reconsider this path)
  • Data skills (did I mention SQL? Google Analytics and Excel are other good skills to have). You should be comfortable with math, as well.
  • The ability to work with others, namely, product management. People who don’t like working with others, don’t generally fair well in growth as you have to communicate with all parts of the business regularly.
  • You also should have grit. It is a hard game of failures – you’ll needne lot of persistence to see things through.

Finally, sometimes the best way to get into growth is to ask. You’ll be surprised how many helpful people are out there willing to connect you to opportunities in growth.

About Rommil Santiago

A Toronto-based growth marketer looking to improve the world.
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