What is growth?

mong-bui-515633-unsplashThere are a lot of ways to answer this. The way I like to look at growth is as follows:

  • It is a deliberate focus on full-funnel activities that drive business results
  • It is at the intersection of product and marketing where product features are brought through typical marketing channels such as push and email
  • It is a mindset of learning through serial failures/tests towards ultimate success
  • It is crafting hypothesis and constant testing of them
  • It is rooted deeply in data, often being data-driven, as well as data-informed
  • It comes in, usually, after product-market-fit has been attained, but not always
  • It should be the role of everyone at the company, but often at times, it lives with a smaller cross-functional team
  • It usually tests small proofs of concepts, and scales from there

It should be noted that growth does not necessarily mean “hacking”. Hacking is a development approach that typically is used to prove a concept. While effective, a lot of care should be taken to address tech debt periodically or else bugs and instability can be introduced to the system. In an ideal world, MVPs could be launched to prove a concept – but that would come at the expense of time.

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